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New Seasons Market and New Leaf Community Markets announced today they will be no longer sell single-use bottles of water from all stores.  The change in policy is effective April 22, 2021 - Earth Day.

According to the announcement, the move "marks the latest effort from both brands over decades of work to reduce waste in local communities. The initiative will discontinue the sale of still water, in capacities of one liter or less, bottled in single-use plastic, fiber, aluminum or glass containers," though "both grocers will continue to offer larger sizes of water in the Grocery department, as well as single-serving bottles of sparkling and flavored water that are not available from the tap. To help customers transition their habits, stores will continue to offer one refillable single-serve bottle of still water from Pathwater."

“Combined, beverage bottles, caps and lids make up the second most common form of ocean litter. By committing to using reusable bottles, we can remove over a quarter million single-use plastic, aluminum and glass bottles a year,” said Athena Petty, senior sustainability manager at New Seasons Market and New Leaf Community Markets. “We’re starting efforts with still water in containers one liter or less because opting for reusables is an easy individual choice to help lessen our collective environmental impact.”

Both banners said they "will further support waste reduction efforts with a goal to reduce operational waste from their stores, striving to achieve a 57% landfill diversion rate."

New Seasons and New Leaf are both owned by Good Food Holdings, a subsidiary of South Korean company E-mart.

KC's View:

Consumers in general have a great concern about the environment than ever, and especially so in the markets that New Seasons and New Leaf serve.  It is in character for  the two banners, and on-message for how they position themselves in their communities.