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Yesterday we shared a piece from the Daily Camera in Boulder, Colorado, in which writer Laura Deal spoke about the importance of the local King Soopers in her life and the lives of her friends and family.  It is, of course, the King Soopers where a gunman massacred 10 people.  There was no happy ending … but if you missed it, you can check it out here.  It's worth it.

MNB reader Kari Mitchell wrote:

Thank you for sharing a beautiful, poignant story.  I am getting my second tissue to wipe my eyes.

I don't think that store may ever be what it was and maybe should not even try.  Many years ago there was an incident at a Sirloin Stockade restaurant in south Oklahoma City.  That store closed and eventually was leveled.  I never drive by there without remembering that restaurant even though it is not there any more.  People tried to move on and forget.

We built a beautiful memorial in honor of those we lost in the Murrah Federal Building bombing.  It honors those lost so that we don't forget.  Hopefully the citizens of Colorado can honor those lost instead of pretending it didn't exist.

I hope and pray that we will not need any other memorials in the future.

Thanks again for sharing.

Another MNB reader wrote:

Glad you shared Boulder resident Laura Deal’s ode to King Soopers from The Boulder Daily Camera.  It has been a very tough week here.

Yesterday, I stopped at my own King Soopers for a few things.  An armed guard greeted me as I walked in.  On the way out, I thanked her for doing what is often considered a thankless job.  She said many customers stopped to offer similar words of thanks.  I’m not sure how long King Soopers will do this, but I know here in Boulder, it made a difference this week among shoppers who are hypersensitive to the psychological change in Boulder for the worse.  Inside the store, it also appeared that they had brought in workers from the other location to work—it seemed there were employees everywhere, offering assistance and smiles.  The show must go on and King Soopers stepped up and gave it their best.