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Regarding my admittedly doctrinaire (and, I'd like to think, science-based) position on dealing with the pandemic, one MNB reader wrote:

Kevin, I have to comment on the “People who travel are foolish” comment … I am glad someone else did, because I thought the same thing when I read that.  I have been traveling back and for the from Florida to NJ the last 6 months because my Dad was sick, in Hospice, and then passed away January 2nd this year.  I am the Executor of his estate, therefore I am still traveling back and forth to get all of the affairs in order and to sell properties.  In my opinion, flying is safer than driving.  Have you ever seen the filth on a gas pump? Or the rest stop doors, bathrooms, etc.  I have witnessed the process the Airlines are taking to sanitize the planes in between flights.  The first thing you get when you board the plane is a wipe, which most passengers open immediately to wipe down their seats, tray table, air vents, seats belt, etc.  The planes also recycle the air every 2 minutes, they always have but that is a good thing.  So, before anyone can make a statement like that, they probably need to know the facts.  

First of all, my condolences.

Second, it sounds like what you are doing is the very definition of essential travel.

Third … I think I'm just going to shut up when it comes to this issue, at least for a bit.  I'm not sure I'm doing anyone any good.

Better that I go back to picking on Instacart.