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CNN reports that "a man armed with a rifle entered an Atlanta Publix Supermarket Wednesday in Midtown at Atlantic Station, a commercial and residential area in the city, police said.

"A witness saw the man entering "the location openly carrying a rifle and entered the bathroom" and alerted the store management and then notified police, according to a preliminary investigation," during which "officers recovered five firearms (two long guns and three pistols) and body armor."

The 22-year old man carrying the weapons has been arrested and charged with reckless conduct.

The incident comes just days after a mass shooting at a Boulder, Colorado, King Soopers left 10 people, including four store employees and one policeman, dead, and eight days after a series of shooting at three Atlanta-area spas.

CNN reports that "Atlanta police also responded to a call of a suspicious package" at the same location after the arrest of the man, but it is unknown if the two incidents were related.

KC's View:

One has to wonder if we're going to see a move by retailers all over the country to beef up their security because of concerns that the events of the last few weeks portends terrible reality with which they all may have to deal.

Are we going to have to walk through airport-style metal detectors in order to enter a supermarket?  Will there be the obvious presence of armed guards?  Will some of the plexiglass that became omnipresent during the pandemic be converted to bulletproof glass?  I'm not sure any of this is out of the question, especially as businesses look for ways to assure both employees and customers that their stores are safe harbors.

One other note.  If physical stores are not perceived as being safe by shoppers, then the acceleration of e-commerce and e-grocery may in fact continue in the same way that it did as the pandemic became a fact of our lives.