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•  The Irish Examiner reports that "A US court has granted permission to Cork technology company Everseen to file documents under seal in its lawsuit against supermarket giant Walmart that accuses the retail giant of stealing its technology.

"Headquartered in Blackpool, Everseen develops software and artificial intelligence to monitor self-checkouts in supermarkets, detecting when items are not scanned correctly.

"The company began working with Walmart in 2005, installing its technology in stores throughout the US and said it had helped the company save significant money by reducing thefts and shrinkage.

"However, in court documents filed recently, Everseen claims Walmart grew unhappy having to rely on its technology and used trade secrets and confidential information to develop what they say is a Walmart copy of Everseen’s technology."

Walmart's released a statement responding to the suit:  "We take the intellectual property rights of others seriously. We will respond in court as appropriate."