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•  Marketing Daily reports that Procter & Gamble is launching a spring advertising campaign for Tide detergent that "aims to get consumers to wash their clothes in cold water, revving up efforts to get people away from the idea that hot water and suds is the way to go.

"The company will partner with the Hanes apparel brand to push the cold-water angle on Hanes packaging.

"The multiyear deal means the apparel brand will feature a 'wash in cold' call-to-action on its packaging, along with coupons and product samples of Tide Pods.

"Hanes will emphasize the cold water wash will do a good job even on underwear, T-shirts and socks.

"According to Tide, over two-thirds of all greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) involved in the entire Tide laundry lifecycle come from the consumer use phase.  That’s because 90% of the energy involved with a load of wash comes from heating water to do it."

The goal is said to be having 75 percent of laundry loads in the US washed using cold water.