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Axios reports that DoorDash "has launched a new initiative to provide same-day on-demand delivery of FDA authorized COVID-19 test collection kits,," partnering with a pair of digital health companies to source the testing kits

According to the story, " The initiative could go a long way in helping make at-home COVID-19 testing more accessible, as many Americans prepare to reenter workplaces and schools."

The program will be available to DoorDash customers in markets that include Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, and Phoenix, with plans to roll out further later this year.  The kits are being delivered via the company's DashMart convenience store business.

KC's View:

I'm glad tests are going to be available to people who need them.

But it is worth noting, I think, that in doing this DoorDash is burnishing its own brand, not the brands of any of its retail clients that may also be making testing kits available.

That's an important distinction, and those retail clients ought to pay attention.  It potentially is their shoppers heading out the door.