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by Kevin Coupe

Last week I dedicated a FaceTime video to demonstrating one of my favorite recipes - for what I call Shrimp It's All Greek To Me, which basically contains shrimp, feta cheese, diced tomatoes, onions, and, of course, white wine.

And I threw out the  challenge to the MNB community - if you have a favorite recipe, record yourself making it, send it to me, and I'll post it on the site.  This can be a personal favorite in your home kitchen, or, if you happen to cook for a living, you can send me video of you making something that you use in business.

Well, I heard from  an MNB reader named Greg Taverrite, who happens to be in the Italian sausage business … and he sent me links to a couple of videos in which - not surprisingly - he uses his sausage in the recipe.    (They are a lot better than my video.)  

One of them - for an unconventional spaghetti carbonara - is below, and I recommend you watch it.  For three reasons.  

First, I suspect it will make you hungry and looking for an opportunity to try it.  (I can't use Greg's sausage because it doesn't look like it is sold in the northeast US.  So I'll have to make do.)

Second, it is a great example of how T-commerce would work.  In a perfect world, I'd be able to click on a button while watching the video and immediately order all or some of the ingredients.  It'll be good for me as the customer, and good for the purveyor of the products.  This "perfect world" will be in here in the near future, so be ready.

Which leads me to my third, broader point.  If you are in the food business and you are not producing videos like these … or are not hooking up with purveyors like Greg who are making videos like these, then you are missing an enormous opportunity.  Especially at a time when competition is intense, is only going to get more so, and people in the food business ought to be looking for every opportunity to differentiate themselves from the people who only say they are in the food business but actually are in the logistics business.

So, enjoy.  And kudos to Greg Taverrite, of Taverrite's Italian Foods for both making a terrific video and making me hungry.