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•  CNN reports that Ikea, having discontinued its traditional print catalog, now is offering "an audio version as a 'handy and hands-free' alternative to the traditional behemoth. Ikea's 2021 catalog, which is its final edition ever, is now a nearly four-hour podcast with a narrator flicking through each page and describing what's in it … Each audio chapter focuses on a different furnished home from the traditional catalog as well as offering how-to tips on furnishings and decorating. The audio is available on YouTube, Spotify and for free.

The prologue suggests that this audio version was designed to give bored people stuck at home something to listen to.  I cannot imagine being that bored.

•  CNBC reports that "Nike has laid out a five-year roadmap to creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce … as corporate America is increasingly being held accountable for their values and the actions that come with them.

"For the first time, Nike said, it will also be tying its executive compensation to the company making progress in deepening diversity and inclusion throughout its workforce, protecting the planet, and advancing ethical manufacturing. It didn’t offer further details but said compensation would be tied to the company hitting its 2025 goals."

According to the story, "By 2025, Nike said, it aims to achieve 50% representation of women in its global corporate workforce (which doesn’t include retail store and warehouse workers), and 45% representation of women in leadership positions (VP level and above). It’s targeting 35% representation of racial and ethnic minorities in its U.S. workforce by then, too."