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CNBC reports on how Walmart has begun tucking free samples into online orders that it is delivering or making available for pickup.  And charging for it.

"Sampling is a money-making opportunity for Walmart," the story says.  "The retailer began a pickup and delivery sampling program in 2014, but it is getting more attention as more customer traffic shifts to the parking lot. The retailer charges companies when their product is added to a curbside or delivery order.

Walmart is looking for new revenue streams as it juggles additional costs that come with online orders, like picking grocery orders off shelves and shipping purchases to customers."

CNBC goes on:  "Add sampling to the list of pandemic-related changes that may stick. As more grocery shoppers use curbside pickup and delivery, consumer packaged goods companies have had to experiment with new ways to get their products in front of people. Major retailers are trying to capitalize on the surge in demand by charging brands for access to their shoppers and data they’ve gathered about their preferences — while also delighting customers with freebies."

KC's View:

Great idea.  What took folks so long to think of this?