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Roger Mudd, the CBS News correspondent - and later in his career, a correspondent for NBC News and the PBS NewsHour -  who often was blamed/credited with ending Ted Kennedy's presidential aspirations in 1979 when he asked questions - like, "Why do you want to be President?" - that the Massachusetts senator was unable to answer, has passed away.

Mudd was 93, and the cause was kidney failure.

The New York Times recalls that Mudd's question apparently caught Kennedy off-guard, even though he was publicly considering a primary challenge to President Jimmy Carter.

"'Well, Iā€™m ā€” were I to ā€” to make the, the announcement and to run, the reasons that I would run is because I have a great belief in this country,' he stammered.

"It got worse. He twitched and squirmed, conveying self-doubt and flawed preparation, and stumbled through questions for an hour. His campaign, burdened by many problems, including his conduct in the drowning death of a former campaign aide to Senator Robert F. Kennedy on ChappaquidickChappaquidick Island in Massachusetts in 1969, was wounded before it began and never recovered."