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On the subject of vaccination passports, one MNB reader wrote:

Politics aside, I’ve needed to travel to a part of the world that still has yellow fever.  To enter that country via the airport, my "International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis” (or yellow card) as approved by the WHO and CDC was grilled harder than my passport.  

There's a lot to be determined about the long term effectiveness of the COVID vaccines, as well as regulations for domestic and international travel, but its not like there isn’t a precedent.  

I long for the days in which I can travel for both business and pleasure again, and return to some level of normalcy.  If a vaccine and little card that I keep in my pocket or passport is what will allow that - I fully support.

Gov. Cuomo saying that it's required to enter the Barclays Center is probably an infringement on our freedoms as Americans, and I would also worry about long term privacy concerns as well as how the data can be used negatively in the future.

And, regarding mask mandates, MNB reader Ron Melton wrote:

I’m a snow bird here in AZ from WA. Haven’t found a store yet that has 100% mask wearing. I do find 99%. I take it like seats belts. We still haul dead bodies out of cars that didn’t wear a seat belt. The mass majority do wear and are safer for it. I know the virus is different. Yet 99% is pretty good for trying to herd cats/Americans.

I know this isn’t the answer on mask wearing but helps me cope with morons.

Last week we took note of a Houston Chronicle report that H-E-B president Scott McClelland says that "while it has the power to require customers to wear masks before entering … H-E-B won't take that step – in part because of belligerent customers (and some workers) who have caused nearly 2,000 in-store incidents surrounding masks at Houston stores alone."

"What's important to me is, I've got to ensure for the physical safety of both my employees and customers in the store," McClelland said. "That's what we have been doing, and frankly it's the same thing we'll continue to do."

MNB reader Rich Heiland had a thought:

In my opinion HEB had the best mask compliance of any store in our community.

But, I get Scott's point. One day I witnessed a red-in-the-face woman screaming at an employee -a young African-American woman in her teens - that she would "not put on no damn masks" and she went into the store. The young woman was trembling and near tears. I went over to her and told she did fine, try to forget about it.

I am sure Scott feels that without the state mandate that will become the norm for staff. It is hard to explain to folks outside Texas how hard right and belligerent some places are. East Texas where I lived was one of those.

We'll know at some point whether Texas is making the right decision.  It'll be in the numbers.