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Supernova is the very definition of a "small movie."  Not much happens in its 93 minute run time.  Two middle aged gay men - one a writer, the other a concert pianist - are in a small RV, driving across England.  They talk.  Bicker a bit.  They stop to look at a beautiful night sky.  They visit friends.  They continue on their way, headed toward a venue where the pianist has a scheduled recital.  And that's it.

Except, that's not it.  Supernova may be small in scale, but it is an enormously affecting film.. Tusker, the writer played by Stanley Tucci, is suffering from early onset Alzheimer's, and while the effects seem to have been minor to this point, he knows that he is headed for an inevitable future in which he will not know Sam, his longtime partner, nor will he know himself.  And Sam, played by Colin Firth, is trying to figure out where he fits into what is left of Tusker's life, how to best care for this man he loves so deeply, and how he will survive in a world in which Tusker does not recognize him.

There may be no two better people on the planet better equipped to play these roles than Tucci and Firth, who slip effortlessly into their characterizations in a way that makes it seem less like acting and more like being;  the fact that Firth and Tucci reportedly are longtime friends only adds to the emotional intimacy they bring to the movie.  And the situation they face - both together and separately - is so familiar to those of us who have dealt with loved ones who have suffered from various forms of dementia that we are instantly invested in their relationship and characters.

I loved Supernova about as much as any movie I've seen recently - written and directed by Harry Macqueen with grace and heart and understatement, and acted by two professionals at the top of their games.   Supernova is available to be rented on Prime Video, Apple TV, and a number of other streaming services.

I have a lovely red wine to recommend to you this week - the 2018 Cantine Colosi Nero D'Avola, a Sicilian wine that is deep and dark with intense aromas - it would be perfect with pasta and a red sauce, though I had it with freshly made pizza.  And then had some more while I was watching part three of "Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy" on CNN, which just seemed appropriate.

That's it for this week … Have a good weekend … and I'll see you Monday.

Stay safe.  Be healthy.