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Responding to yesterday's exchange about the protestors who behaved badly at a California Trader Joe's when they objected to pandemic-related mandates such as masks, one MNB reader wrote:

Hillary Clinton would call those people “deplorables” and I would 100% agree.  

From another reader:

Now that these stupid idiots have ignored the store policy and refused to give a crap about anyone else, maybe, just maybe, this video can be used to track them down.  The pregnant lady, really?? I guess it is quite obvious where your priorities lie.  And who is the old guy in his roady outfit ??  What “movement” is he associated with??  This is so unbelievable, I don’t know how I would have handled it as the manager.  I guess start taking my own photos so I could show police who we are pressing charges against.  I hope that TJ has the courage to step up against this action.  I know as a customer if they didn’t, I would say goodbye.

The pregnant woman protesting without wearing a mask really got my Irish up - she wasn't just putting herself and other people in the store at risk, but potentially her child.  Unacceptable.

And yes, that group of protestors did sort of seem like a cheap road company version of the people who stormed the US Capitol on January 6.

MNB reader Kevin Watkins wrote:

Regarding the “cash drop” video at Trader Joe’s.  I defy anyone to show me a nicer group of people than those you will find staffing a typical Trader Joe’s store.  They did not deserve the treatment they received from that gang of extremely misguided, belligerent (fill in your favorite unprintable plural noun here).

Those plural nouns are printable.  I've just chosen not to … though I've argued with myself about this for the last 24 hours.

Yesterday we had a story about how Kohl's says that it acquired two million new customers during 2020 because of its Amazon relationship that allows people to return online Amazon purchases to a Kohl's store.

MNB reader Bob Foisy responded:

On the Kohl’s story about new customers, I have taken several things back to Kohl’s and the first time I was given a 25% off coupon that I could use for the next week. I thought that was nice and walked around the store for about 20 minutes trying to find something to buy and there was nothing that I could see that I wanted to buy. If they are counting me as one of their new shoppers then that is misleading since I have been in the store several times but have never bought anything.

But another MNB reader wrote:

The 20% Kohl’s discount coupon made my return happy.

Different strokes…