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Good Food Holdings-owned New Seasons Market yesterday said that it is adopting a strategic growth plan that includes two new stores, as well as saying that CEO Forrest Hoffmaster plans to step down when a new CEO is hired.

New Seasons, which also operates the New Leaf Community Market brand, said that it is "centering strategic efforts on stronger localization for each banner with focus on growing market share, creating a customer-first experience, and impacting local communities. Both grocers will build on the benefits of being part of the Good Food Holdings family of brands, including program innovation and enhancements in private label, store design and growth, food and beverage offerings, and customer experience."

New Seasons also announced that it will open two new stores in the Portland, Oregon, metro area, in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington.

Hoffmaster said that he "will transition from his leadership position as chief executive officer for both brands in late March 2021. A comprehensive executive search is in progress and a successor is expected to be named before Hoffmaster departs the role.

“I am incredibly proud of what we have been able to accomplish together, navigating the pandemic and unprecedented disruption in our industry," he said, adding, "With our supportive partners at Good Food Holdings and a strong senior leadership team in place, our company is primed for a new executive to take the foundation and continue investments in growth, innovation and experience."

KC'S View:

Good Food Holdings CEO Neil Stern was a guest on an "MNB/In Conversation" segment that was posted earlier this week … you can check it out here.

The Good Food Holdings family includes Bristol Farms and Lazy Acres in Southern California, and Metropolitan Markets in Seattle - all strong brands with an exceptional focus on specialty and fresh foods.  That's a strong bench, and it is a company with lots of resources - it is owned by Emart, the leading  retailer in South Korea, which has a US expansion strategy.

I'm a New Seasons fan - I do some of my shopping there when I am in residence in Portland for my summer adjunctivities at Portland State University (which, alas, I've been unable to do since 2019 because of the pandemic).  So I look forward to continued innovation and growth.