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•  The Seattle Times reports that "Amazon manager Charlotte Newman filed a federal discrimination suit against the company Monday alleging executives of the Seattle-based commerce giant paid her less than similarly qualified white peers and used racial stereotypes to justify denying her opportunities for promotion.

"Newman, a Black woman who works for Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s cloud-computing division, also leveled allegations of sexual harassment and assault against a former Amazon director, whose employment was eventually terminated after an internal investigation, according to the suit."

The Times writes that "Newman filed her suit after the publication last week of an investigation by online tech outlet Recode detailing allegations by Black employees that Amazon routinely passed them over for promotion."

•  Raise your hand if you wish you had invested in Zoom back in early 2020.

Zoom's Q4 revenue was up 369 percent compared to the same period a year ago, to $882.5 million from $188.3 million.   Quarterly net income was $260.4 million, compared with $15.3 million a year ago.

MarketWatch notes that "overall for the fiscal year, Zoom reported adjusted profit of nearly $1 billion - $995.7 million - after barely clearing $100 million in adjusted earnings in the previous year, at $101.3 million."