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Catalina is out with new data analysis based on customer behavior during the past year of the pandemic, concluding that "several categories have experienced strong sales spikes, while others continue to struggle."

According to the study, "The Top 5 categories seeing the greatest sales growth over the past year literally help keep the coronavirus at bay:  Home Health Testing Kits (includes Face Masks) - up 314% … Liquid Hand Soaps - up 246% … Disinfectant Cleaners - up 235% … Personal Moist Towelettes – up 155% … and Household Cleaner Pre-moist Wipes – up 129%."

Catalina says that "eight of the next 10 top-selling categories are either food or beverages that show an increased appetite for convenience and/or comfort … Refrigerated Snacks/Cakes – Up 87% … Juice – Frozen Drink Smoothies – Up 85% … Frozen Vegetables Breaded – Up 83% … Powdered Milk – Up 82% … Frozen Seafood – Up 71% … Bacon: Light/Turkey/Chicken – Up 65% … Baking/Biscuit Mixes – Up 64% … Breakfast Drink Mixes – Up 61%."

And, the data says that "with so many Americans encouraged to work and attend school from home, there has been a noticeable decline in sales of personal care products over the past 12 months:  Wrinkle Reducers – down 27% … Breath Fresheners – down 26% … Face Cosmetics – down 20% … Cosmetics Remover – down 19% … Eye Cosmetics – down 11% … Hair Care/Styling – down 9%."

Catalina also says that "in looking back at the past 52 weeks of data beginning with the week ending Feb. 15, 2020, shoppers made more trips than average in March as the pandemic set in, but drastically reduced trips in April as they began sheltering at home. The lingering impact of lockdowns paved the way for a nine percent average decline in weekly, in-person shopping trips starting in May 2020, compared to the prior year. While people by and large have been shopping less, they’ve been buying more. Spending per trip has increased by 23 percent on average, compared to 2019. Overall, average weekly spending on groceries has increased by 12%."