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Forbes reports that Walmart is working with BigCommerce - a company that builds "flexible, open" e-commerce platforms - to actively court third-party sellers for his Marketplace.

One of the places Walmart is seeking out new retailers for its Marketplace - Amazon's Marketplace.

“Our goal is to bring Walmart shoppers the very best brands online and in store,” Jeff Clemenz, vice president of Walmart marketplace, tells Forbes.  “We’re reaching out to sellers directly and through partnerships such as BigCommerce. Those brands are selling on their own web sites and on other marketplaces, and our customers are demanding those products.”

Forbes writes that "it’s no surprise that the retailer is pursuing an aggressive strategy for marketplace since Walmart U.S. e-commerce posted a 69% increase in the recent fourth quarter, compared to total sales, which grew 7.3%."

One of the goals of the partnership is to make the marketplace approval and operating processes less cumbersome.

According to the story, "Walmart in June announced a similar partnership with Shopify, which it said would bring 1,200 new sellers to the platform. The effort was focused on small and medium-sized businesses that complemented the existing assortment. Clemenz said the BigCommerce sellers represent products across a variety of categories, including apparel, home goods, consumables and hardlines."

KC's View:

Since more than half of Amazon's retail sales come from third-party sellers, there's clearly gold in them thar hills. Makes sense for Walmart to start panning for it and try to figure out ways to be a better p[artner than Amazon.