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eMarketer is out with projections saying that e-grocery will grow to more than "$100 billion in spending for the first time in 2021, a full year ahead of previous estimates."

By 2024, eMarketer says, e-grocery sales are expected to almost double again, to $187.7 billion.

The projections concede that current e-grocery spending levels are ahead of earlier predictions largely because of pandemic conditions that made shopping for groceries online preferable to going to stores in many cases.  But eMarketer suggests, a significant portion of that business will stick and continue to grow - likely dependent on higher purchase frequency and higher transaction amounts rather than new customers.

KC's View:

The only conclusion with which I might quibble is the one about new customers.  At least in the long term, there could be a lot of potential e-grocery customers coming into the market as young people - who do everything online - become core grocery shoppers.

These projections, in the end, could be low.