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•  CNet reports that "Walgreens and Instacart are teaming up so you can have rapid delivery of whatever drugstore item you might need. The partnership is launching in Illinois over the coming weeks with plans to expand into southeast Florida, Dallas, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and New York City next. Eventually, you'll be able to order from Walgreens and expect same-day delivery through Instacart in all 50 states.

"At launch, you'll be able to order items from a number of the categories you'd expect to find at Walgreens, including over-the-counter meds, personal care items and convenience products. As the partnership grows, Walgreens is promising to also expand the number of items available for on-demand purchases. The company says the catalogue will start with tens of thousands of options."

•  The Boston Globe reports that Massachusetts-based Market Basket is concerned that someone is on Facebook, pretending to be from the retailer and asking customers for personal information.

The company has posted a message on its Facebook page saying that "this imposter page is sending out friend requests and asking people for 'sensitive information' to be able to enter its 'Drink Up, Work Out' giveaway … The company noted that it doesn’t send out friend requests and that if a customer receives one, it is a fake."