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The New Yorker has a Q&A interview with Whole Foods founder-CEO John Mackey that was conducted a few months ago in connection to the publication of his book, "Conscious Leadership: Elevating Humanity Through Business."  The book is focused on Mackey's "philosophical approach to business and offers an account of the difficulties of running a large company," the story notes, and writer Isaac Chotiner asks a series of questions that look to put the book into the context of decisions and policies implemented at Whole Foods.

You can read it here.

KC's View:

I think this is fascinating, especially because of what seems to be between the lines - Mackey comes off as being humorless and not used to being questioned or challenged on the way he thinks and acts.  Maybe he was having a bad day, or maybe he really doesn't like being questioned.  But a good rule of thumb is that when you're being interviewed and recorded, "I don’t really like the way this interview is going" is probably the wrong thing to say.  You can think it, but you can't say it.