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Sports Illustrated reports that Amazon founder-chairman Jeff Bezos has engaged in conversations that could lead to him buying a 40 percent stake in the Washington, DC, football team.  The story says that Bezos may be interested in acquiring the minority stakes of owners who want out;  if he bought all those shares, he would own 40 percent of the team.

Majority ownership would remain with Dan Snyder, who is unpopular with many fans because of his management and the handling of the renaming of the team that used to be known as the Redskins.  Snyder also is the subject of an investigation into systemic sexual harassment of female team employees.

Bezos already is something of a fixture in the Washington cultural scene because of his ownership of the Washington Post.

KC's View:

If Bezos can't get a foothold with Washington, I wish he'd put a bid in for the New York Jets.