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Today's entry in our continuing series of author interviews is Mark Greaney, who is just out with "Relentless," the tenth in his series of "Gray Man" novels.

"Relentless" was the first "Gray Man" book that I've read, and I'm happy to report that it is a fast-paced ride from start to finish … so compelling that as soon as I finished it I downloaded the first in the series, "The Gray Man," tore through that one, and now am into the second in the series.  In our conversation, Greaney talks about how the pandemic has changed his workflow and research habits, explores how a character arc evolves from book to book, explains the challenges in making an assassin the main protagonist of a novel, and even talks a bit about the little movie that is being made based on the first book.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Mark Greaney.

"Relentless" is available from Amazon, iconic independent bookstore Powell's, and wherever books are sold.

That's it for this week.  Have a good weekend … I'll see you Monday.

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