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The Washington Post this morning reports that Gojo Industries, which sells Purell hand sanitizing products, has been ordered by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to stop making "unproven claims that the hand sanitizer can prevent diseases like Ebola, norovirus and MRSA."

The warning extends to all ways in which Purell is marketed, including "social media materials, blog posts and frequently asked questions on the product and corporate website."

Purell, the story notes, has been claiming that its use can reduce student absenteeism by 51 percent, and, in "germ-infested athletic environments … could help to reduce MRSA and VRE by 100 percent."

FDA's response:  Not so much.

Gojo put out a statement pointing out that the FDA's criticisms were aimed at its marketing efforts, not the safety or quality of its products.

The contretemps come, the story notes, "as the United States is bracing for one of its worst flu seasons in decades and worldwide concerns grow amid a coronavirus outbreak that has killed at least 100 people in China, where the outbreak originated."

KC's View:

Purell has become a verb, it is so popular these days.  Overstatement would not seem to be required.