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We had a story the other day about how Delta gave out the equivalent of two months' salary to employees as a bonus, with the CEO saying that they get "all the credit" for the company's superior performance.

One MNB reader wrote:

Good for Delta and American to achieve record profits and employee bonus payouts. Wish they invested some of that money in offering a better product !…For those of us lucky enough to travel overseas, it is sad
that none of the USA airlines rank in Top 10 globally in terms of service and “product”.

Singapore Air, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad, British Airways etc…….  all “much better”.

It’s not that USA airlines couldn’t match or surpass other global airlines …..USA airlines choose to focus on profit.

In many other industries, USA companies are leaders in service and innovation, our airlines are mediocre on the global playing field.

MNB reader Monte Stowell wrote:

Being a million miler on Delta Airlines, I would like to recall a wonderful Delta experience.

I had several years ago. I was flying to Honolulu from Portland, OR, through LAX to Honolulu. This trip was going to earn me this coveted million miler status. About an hour or so, the stewardess came on the inter-com and mentioned that I had just earned the million miler status. They broke out champagne for everyone on the plane, and there was a round of applause from many of the passengers. The stewardess gave me a congratulatory letter from Delta and told me I would be receiving the gold card later in the mail. Customer service at its finest. Small gestures make a big difference, as this story was told by me to many of my fellow employees. Great employees make a big difference to their customer and also to the culture of a company. Count me in for what Delta is doing to share their good fortune.

I think I saw this in a movie…wasn't Sam Elliott the pilot?
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