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The Washington Post this morning reports that "Burger King is cutting the price of its faux-meat burger as sales start to dip following last year’s introduction."

The nation's biggest Burger King franchisee said that it now is selling about 28 per-day per-store, down from 32 at the introduction, and it recently added the Impossible Whopper to its two-for-six dollars promotion;  when it launched, the Impossible Whopper was selling for $5.59 apiece.

Some context from the Post story:  "Across the U.S., restaurants and grocery stores are rushing to add plant-based options. It remains to be seen whether their popularity is a long-lasting trend."  However, "despite the rising popularity of faux meat, Americans are also eating more real meat than ever. Total red meat and poultry consumption is expected to rise to 225.6 pounds per person this year from 224.3 pounds in 2019, according to USDA data. Even at Burger King, there’s no evidence that the meat-free option has led to less meat consumption."