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Yesterday morning I mentioned here that I was getting my regularly scheduled colonoscopy.

Thanks to all of you who sent nice notes - and a number of appropriate and some inappropriate jokes - about the procedure.

The good news is that when I emerged from anesthesia, the doctor told me that I was clean as a whistle, with no polyps, and that he would see me in five years.

Which are the words you want to hear, and that make all the prep worthwhile.

As I said yesterday, a colonoscopy is not something to be afraid of, or to delay or avoid. It's really important, when you reach a certain age or your specific health issues call for it, to make an appointment and get one. I've been getting them every few years since 2004, and while I won't go so far as to say I look forward to them, I do think they are a critical part of my ongoing efforts to stay healthy.

An example of how important it can be came from an MNB reader, who wrote:

Can’t agree with you more about urging everyone to get their colonoscopy! I had my first one a year before it was required, at 49, due to, let’s just say worrying symptoms. They found a 5cm cancerous mass and removed 14 inches of my colon with no chemo or radiation necessary and now I’m happy, back to my normal routine, and cancer free for 4+ years. If I had waited until I turned 50 – the recommended time for a first colonoscopy – my results would not have been so positive. I cannot echo your PSA more loudly! Please, no matter your concerns, go! Knowing is better than not knowing in my opinion in most situations life throws our way.

Glad to hear you’re making every effort to stay healthy. I am too, and I hope to continue reading MNB for many years, nay decades, to come!

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