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From the Washington Post:

"Burger King touched off the plant-based-meat revolution in the restaurant world when it launched its Impossible Whopper in August. It was followed by Dunkin’ with its Beyond Sausage breakfast sandwich and White Castle with Impossible Sliders. Subway introduced meatless meatballs, Little Caesars started delivering Impossible Sausage pizzas, KFC added Beyond Fried Chicken, and Hooters announced Unreal Wings. Taco Bell, Qdoba, Panera — the list of fast-food and quick-serve restaurants rolling out plant-based options was encyclopedic.

"With one notable holdout, right in the middle of the alphabet … McDonald’s, the world’s biggest food-service retailer, sat mostly on the sidelines."

To be sure, McDonald's has done some small tests, but nothing on the scale of its competitors. There are three apparent reasons.

First, there are supply issues - McDonald's has some 38,000 restaurants, and assuring a consistent supply of plant-based burgers has been problematic.

Second, it generally has been conservative about introducing premium-priced sandwiches, and plant-based burgers would be a high-end product in its mix, not to mention a little more innovative than it is used to being.

And third, McDonald's seems to feel that chicken is the future, not plant-based meats, and so that's where it is putting its time, money and attention.
KC's View:
I'm not a big plant-based burger guy, but I have to admit that I am a little surprised by how slow off the mark Mickey D's has been on this one. Sounds like there are some decent reasons for going slow, but if it waits too much longer, it is going to look like it is following from way, way behind … which isn't a good look.