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by Kevin Coupe

Between now the its premiere date in April, No Time To Die, the 25th movie in the James Bond franchise, as well as the fifth - and last - time the British spy will be played by Daniel Craig, we're all going to see a lot of promotion and advertising related to both the film and its various marketing partners.

One of those is Heineken beer, which has been associated with the Bond films since Tomorrow Never Dies in 1997, but to be honest, the commercials haven't been that great. The new one, however, is really good … probably because Craig seems all in, as opposed to be doing it out of a sense of duty. There's a sense of self-deprecation and a sense of humor, and that almost always works.

You can see it at left.

I have no idea how much beer this will sell, but it is a charming entry in the series that whets the appetite for when James Bond returns.

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