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Variety has a piece from the current the Television Critics Association press tour, which provided a window into how Amazon sees its role competing with the likes of Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV Plus, not to mention a perspective on how the company sees itself in general.

"We’re in a different business model unlike the pure-play video SVOD [streaming video on demand] players," said Amazon Studios chief operating officer and co-TV head Albert Cheng. “For us it’s about Amazon Prime customers, making sure we’re delivering value, that we’re looking at our content to drive subscriptions. … We don’t have to play as a substitute for a different type of service or compete in that way."

Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke said that even in streaming video, Amazon is a customer-centric business. "You come into Amazon, it’s a very customer-focused company and we find ourselves saying 'customer' a lot,” she said. "We’ve never said those things before in our previous incarnations. But then you get in there and you realize, yeah, we do have a very different model and it’s very clear to us what those drivers are, who our customers are. It’s not that complicated for us and we really try not to pay attention to the competition."

Variety writes that "while other streaming services are standalone entities concerned with video subscriber churn and keeping its audience, Salke said Amazon Prime Video’s goals were different: 'Any decision you see us make falls into three categories: is it enhancing the value of Prime subscription, is it driving Prime subscription and is it engaging a new audience with Prime in general. That’s how we make decisions, based on that'."
KC's View:
These are critical insights about Amazon … not new, because its customer-centricity always has been a highly visible feature of the company's operations and culture … but essential nonetheless. Everything connects, and everything builds mass.