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The Boston Red Sox said yesterday that it has parted ways with manager Alex Cora, who has been implicated in a cheating scandal that this week already had gotten the manager and general manager of the Houston Astros suspended by Major League Baseball and then fired by the team's owner.

Cora, the Boston Globe notes, has had a "central role in baseball’s cheating scandal," apparently helping to engineer the use of technology to steal signs so that hitters could know in advance what pitchers were going to throw. He was a bench coach for Houston when the team was engaged in these activities, and then manager for Boston when the same things reportedly took place.
KC's View:
The Red Sox had no choice … and they did the right thing. MLB was going to come down hard on Cora, and it seems likely that he may get banned from the sport for a period of time. It made sense for the Red Sox to get ahead of the scandal as best they could … but they'll wear this stain, just like the Astros, for a long time.