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The Wall Street Journal reports that for the first time since 1994, annual wine consumption by Americans dropped - it was down 0.9 percent last year. It happened as "millennials opt for alternatives like hard seltzers, cocktails and nonalcoholic beer," part of a "generational shift as the number of millennials surpasses baby boomers, who drove strong demand for wine in America."
KC's View:
Hard to imagine, just based on my consumption. What can I say? I'm doing my best.

There were two interesting notes from the story. One is that the sales of lower priced wines have decreased more than higher priced wines - which means that a) consumers may be getting more educated and discerning, and b) people tend to drink lower priced wines faster than more expensive wines.

The other is that the wine industry believes that as millennials get older, they'll drink more wine. This may be wishful thinking, though … as the state of the planet gets more tenuous, they may actually drink more of the harder stuff.