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The Washington Post reports that new US Labor Department statistics indicated that "for just the second time, women outnumbered men in the U.S. paid workforce, with their new majority buoyed by fast job growth in health care and education over the past year, as well as the tight labor market."

The story says that "at first glance, the shift is tiny and easy to miss: Women worked 50.04 percent of payroll jobs in December, up from 49.99 percent the prior month."

But there is a bigger shift at work that suggests something more profound: "Of the 145,000 jobs picked up in December throughout the economy, women won most of them — 139,000."

The Post points out that "women are dominating sectors that are growing the fastest. Health care in particular was one of a few sectors that added more jobs in 2019 than 2018 … Also, jobs in education and health services outnumber jobs in male-dominated goods production sectors; mining, construction, transportation and warehousing saw a slowdown in hiring last year. And women still dominate service-sector jobs, which is 84 percent of non-farm payroll jobs in the country."
KC's View:
It seems to me that this is a positive development. It means that more and more women will be in positions of responsibility and influence, which has to work out better than the alternative, which has gotten us to where we are now.

The better question is how companies are going to change to not just adapt to this shift, but embrace it. Our next editorial story offers a pretty good example of a company that needs to do just that.