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The Wall Street Journal reports on how several plant-based meat manufacturers have decided to turn their attention to fake pork, which if successful could replace the planet's most-consumed meat.

According to the story, "Impossible Foods Inc. said Monday that it will introduce imitation ground pork and sausage, including a patty for a new sandwich at dozens of Burger King restaurants later this month. Rival Beyond Meat Inc. last year began supplying plant-based sausage to Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc., Carl’s Jr. and Tim Hortons restaurants, mainly for breakfast sandwiches."

"Pork being the ubiquitous meat it is felt like the natural way to continue our mission,” says David Lee, Impossible’s CFO.

The Journal notes that "plant-based food makers are also developing chicken and seafood alternatives."
KC's View:
The New York Times this morning points out that these plant-based meat companies may face their greatest challenge as they work to bring their faux pork items to China, which "presents a different set of political and cultural hurdles, which other American food brands have found difficult to overcome. The complex regulatory process involves a web of state agencies that Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat will have to navigate. And then there is a more existential question: Will the Chinese public buy plant-based meat?"

And then there is the question that emerges from that one: What will plant-based pork do to already tenuous US-China relations?