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Re/code writes that Amazon has applied for a patent on technology that would use people's palms as identifiers. Which would mean, for example, that in an Amazon Go store where people need the mobile app to gain entry, they'd now just have to use the palms of their hands.

According to the story, "The filing is a glimpse at Amazon’s ideas for putting its own tech-forward spin on how people shop in brick-and-mortar stores, now that it dominates many types of online shopping in the US. But a new potential method for identifying people using biometrics will also likely raise questions for a company that is already facing increased scrutiny over privacy concerns related to its products, ranging from its Alexa voice assistant to its Ring home security gadgets."

While the filing for a patent does not mean that such a technology definitely will be implemented, there have been stories about Amazon wanting to use people's palms in biometric-based payment systems. And, Re/code writes, "Many of the inventors listed on the application are employees working on Amazon Go, including Dilip Kumar, who has been the head of technology for Amazon Go and is vice president for Amazon’s physical retail initiatives."
KC's View:
I'm guessing that this tech isn't quite ready for prime time, so we won't see it when Amazon opens its new chain of supermarkets later this year. But this totally makes sense … and there's no reason to think that our computers and cars and other possessions won't have palm readers. It may not happen tomorrow, but soon … and probably faster than we expect. (Though, to be fair, a lot of folks thought we'd already be living in an age of biometric payments … )