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by Kevin Coupe

Hard to believe it, but 2019 is almost over. For MNB, it is … I'll be taking a few days off, and MNB will be back on Thursday, January 2.

I just want to wish you the best of times over the next week and a half - whether you are celebrating any of the religious holidays about to occur, or even if you don’t celebrate the holidays at all.

I want to thank the entire MNB community for your loyalty and support over the past year (not to mention the past 18) and, of course, … Michael Sansolo, Kate McMahon and Tom Furphy - each of whom makes the conversation richer and deeper, teaching me much as we go along.

And, thanks to all the terrific sponsors that make it possible for MNB to come to you each morning; if you get the chance, check them out, because they all have much to share in terms of ideas, products and services.

(I also should thank my family, pictured below, who put up with the hours, the travel and the semi-obsessiveness. Couldn't do it without them.)

The MNB archives, of course, remain open while I'm off … and I’ll be back on Thursday, January 2 with fresh, hand-crafted news in context and analysis with attitude.

Have a great, Eye-Opening holiday.

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