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• The Wall Street Journal has a story about how some folks seem to be selling garbage on Amazon. Literally.

Essentially, the story looks at how it is possible for people to go dumpster-diving, collect all sorts of stuff - food included - clean it up and then sell it on Amazon. And the Journal figured it out by actually doing it itself … though it made sure that it bought the garbage it listed on Amazon so nobody else would.

The point of the story is to highlight the fact that Amazon exerts only limited control over what is sold on its marketplace, and says it has no responsibility for what is sold there.

You can read the story here.

It is interesting that the Journal points out that "late last week, Amazon said it updated its policy to explicitly prohibit selling items taken from the trash, adding to its list of unacceptable items any 'intended for destruction or disposal or otherwise designated as unsellable by the manufacturer or a supplier, vendor, or retailer'." I'm a little stunned that it needed to underline that point … but there you go.
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