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Bloomberg has a story about the he American Dream mega mall in New jersey's Meadowlands, a place "primarily known for football games and as the final resting place for more than a few Sopranos characters" and, in some tellings, Jimmy Hoffa.

Now, it has an indoor ski run. "Big Snow, as it’s known, rises 16 stories at an angle from the surrounding marshland, like a massive cruise ship run aground. It’s a strange sight from the outside and even more surreal within, as skiers and snowboarders descend a 1,000-foot-long, 200-foot-wide expanse of snow. It’s kept at a chilly 28F year-round and serviced by a chairlift that ascends to the rafters, all within sight of the Manhattan skyline."

The American Dream mall until now has been something of a nightmare: "For a decade and a half, drivers on the Jersey Turnpike have witnessed the retail and entertainment mecca take shape in very slow increments. Initially conceived in 1996, it didn’t break ground until 2004, then targeting a 2007 opening. Delays, funding issues, and changes of ownership would push the total cost above $5 billion.

"Triple Five Group, the company behind Minnesota’s Mall of America, anticipates drawing 40 million visitors annually to the 3-million-square-foot space, set to be fully operational by March 2020. It is projected to include 450 stores and restaurants and 15 entertainment options, including a DreamWorks Water Park, a Nickelodeon Universe, a Legoland Discovery Center, a regulation ice rink, and an aquarium."
KC's View:
Sounds a lot more like an amusement park than a mall. Which probably tells us a lot about the mall business.

That said, I'll bet that in 10 years it'll go the way of Emil Kolar.