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Marketing Daily has a story about a new study from UBS Evidence Lab into why people are willing to try plant-based products. Go figure - most folks are focused on price and taste.

Just like real meat.

Interest in health benefits, animal welfare, and "the quality of being resource-friendly" come next.

However, "among survey respondents who planned to increase their consumption over the next six months, health perceptions was the #1 reason."

Interestingly, concerns about taste also are the number one reason that people are unwilling to try plant-based meat substitutes.

The study also found that "at 8%, trial consumption of plant-based burgers in the United States lags behind that of Germany and the U.K., both in the mid-20% range."
KC's View:
Imagine … taste being a high priority for people eating food.

Somehow, I don't find this to be all that surprising. It is, however, a good thing for retailers to keep in mind as they try to build sales in this category … let people taste the stuff, and maybe they'll buy it.

On the other hand, that's a pretty good rule for every kind of food.