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Chick-fil-A was out with a new television commercial over the Thanksgiving weekend, which you can see at left. It focuses on a family that has trouble finding time for the important things, and how a young girl, bu visiting a magical "Time Shop," is able to get them refocus their priorities.

QSR writes that Chick-fil-A was prompted to take this approach after seeing a national survey saying that "73-percent of respondents said they want more time together with people they care about. Ninety-three percent said quality time together is the single most important ingredient to creating favorite holiday memories, surpassing the food, decorating and music, parties and gifts."

The story notes that as part of the promotion, Chick-fil-A "is opening "a free pop-up Time Shop experience in New York City. The Time Shop brings to life the world featured in the film and celebrates different ways to spend together time with time zones of Story Time, Play Time, and Snack Time."
KC's View:
I think it is a charming commercial with a laudable theme … but I'm not sure how it helps Chick-fil-A grow its brand. In fact, the Chick-fil-A connection is virtually negligible; if you're not paying attention, I'm not sure you'd remember who even sponsored the thing.

In that way, I'm not sure the commercial achieves what should be its goals.