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• Nielsen is out with new research in anticipation of the Black Friday/Cyber Weekend shopping extravaganza, with major data points being: "75% of American adults are omni-shoppers—buying both online and offline … In the fourth quarter of 2018, 9 million more shoppers made a CPG purchase online than in fourth-quarter 2017, amounting to $1.64 billion in year-over-year growth for the quarter … Prior use is the top consumer motivation for buying online (58%), followed by free/reduced shipping (40%)."

The research goes on to say that Amazon's "market penetration is unrivaled, with two-thirds of new fourth-quarter 2018 shoppers choosing Amazon as their point of entry. Thanks to Amazon, shoppers have increasingly grown to expect free or reduced shipping, methods that many retailers are investing in to remain competitive. So it’s no surprise that Walmart and others are touting free next-day delivery (without a membership) to combat Amazon’s estimated 74 million Prime subscribers in the U.S. to gain access to this new pool of shoppers."
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