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Irv Noren passed away on Friday at his California home. He was 94.
KC's View:
Not sure who Irv Noren was? Me neither … which is why I found his obit in the New York Times both surprising and revealing.

Irv Noren played center field for the New York Yankees in 1952 - he was obtained by the Yankees in a trade with the Washington Senators to fill that slot in between - wait for it - Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle.

DiMaggio had retired. Mantle was injured. And so the Yankees got Noren, who actually was a pretty good player - he drove in 184 runs in his first two seasons with the Senators. He also had a pretty good career - he played in 1,093 games over 11 MLB season, and had career numbers that included had 857 hits, including 157 doubles, 35 triples and 65 home runs, with 453 RBI, and a lifetime batting average of .275.

Yet, until the Times obit, I'd never heard of him. And I grew up in New York, and was an enormous Mantle fan as a kid.

I just wanted to mention Irv Noren here, because I'll bet you've never heard of him, either.