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The world's largest Starbucks is scheduled to open to the public tomorrow in Chicago.

Located at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Erie St. on the "Magnificent Mile" in the old Crate & Barrel flagship building, the 35,000 square foot Starbucks Roastery has five floors, three coffee bars, a cocktail bar and an artisan bakery/cafe. One of the coffee bars offers liquid nitrogen gelato; it is the only Roastery to have that product.

CNBC reports that "the Chicago location is the company’s sixth roastery. Other locations include Tokyo, New York and Milan. Each roastery is much larger than a typical cafe and is designed to pay homage to the culture and history of the city.

"Starbucks spokeswoman Maggie Jantzen said that the average Roastery customers spends three to four times more money than at a typical Starbucks cafe. Roasteries, on average, can see more than 8,000 visitors per day."

The story goes on: "According to Starbucks, the Chicago Roastery also has the first curved escalator in the Midwest. Customers will have a 360-degree view of the roasting and brewing process happening on the first floor as the escalator carries them around the roastery’s cask to the second floor."
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