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Alibaba announced that this year's Singles' Day shopping promotion generated the equivalent of $38.4 billion in sales.

The New York Times reports that this was a record number, 26 percent more than was generated on Singles' Day a year ago - though this was the weakest year-over-year growth since Alibaba launched the Singles' Day promotion in 2009.

The Times also notes that Singles' Day dwarfs "Cyber Monday in the United States which took in $7.9 billion last year." It also is "more than U.S. rival Inc's haul last quarter from online store sales."
KC's View:
The CNBC story says that Alibaba's founder, Jack Ma, attributed the lower-than-expected growth to "hot weather and the fact the huge shopping event fell on a weekday."

Which always makes me wonder. It always rings false when business leaders blame the weather or the day of the week for performance that does not meet expectation. Isn't it sort of their job to figure out how to deal with that stuff?