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by Kevin Coupe

So my daughter took her Mini to the dealership the other morning for its annual checkup. (I hope when I'm old she takes as good care of me as she takes of that car, or her dog.) Early in the afternoon, she got an email from the dealership with a video attached, in which the young man working in the service department gave her a guided tour of her car's various mechanics, explaining what had been found and what had been done.

Her response: "Wow!" When she told me about it, my reaction was exactly the same, because this struck me as both an example of great customer service and an example of how a business can create connections with the customer. (Y'know, kind of like what Michael was talking about in his column above.)

You can see the video above left; (I've edited it a little bit in the beginning and end so we don't show the young man's face.)

I've never seen this done in the past, and in fact the people in the Mini dealership's service department told my daughter that this was a new offering. But when you think about it, this kind of offering is a perfect use of basic, accessible technology to communicate an old-fashioned service ethic.

If I were a retailer, I'd be thinking about how I can adapt the idea to my business, and maybe even elicit a few "Wows" from my customers.

Could be an Eye-Opener.

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