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Nielsen is out with new data about the bricks-and-mortar retail business:

• "The number of active CPG retail stores across the U.S. has dropped by nearly 8,000 outlets since 2017."

• "Despite the contraction in CPG’s retail landscape since 2017, U.S. CPG sales haven’t faltered. Annual brick-and-mortar sales are up over $34 billion since this time in 2017, currently totaling over $964B in CPG products sold in the latest year."

• "Independent stores have driven 94% of declines, and independent grocery stores in particular represented nearly a quarter of all impacted stores."

• "Shoppers of this specific type of store are 82% more likely to be without access to a vehicle, 9% more likely to work in the service industry and more likely to be either Black or Hispanic (with an index of 137 and 115, respectively)."
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