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Steve Easterbrook, the president/CEO of McDonald's who has engineered a number of strategic and menu changes designed to keep the company relevant and profitable, has been fired by the company's board after it was found that he “violated company policy and demonstrated poor judgment involving a recent consensual relationship with an employee."

Easterbrook will be succeeded by Chris Kempczinski, president of McDonald's US, while Joe Erlinger, McDonald’s president of international operated markets, was named president of McDonald’s US.

In an email to company employees, Easterbrook copped to the violation: "This was a mistake,” he wrote. "Given the values of the company, I agree with the board that it is time for me to move on."

The board declined to provide details about the relationship. Easterbrook, the New York Times reports, is divorced, with three daughters.

The Times also notes that "McDonald’s recently began offering new online and in-person training programs to its employees in the U.S. in an effort to combat workplace sexual harassment. But that step has not satisfied the company’s critics."
KC's View:
Interestingly, the stories I've read about this have not made mention of what is happening to the employee. Is she or he losing her or his job?

I'm not suggesting in any way that this person should be let go. Far from it. I'm just curious about the circumstances, and seeing the whole picture filled out.