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The San Francisco Chronicle reports that "Safeway will pay $12 million and provide seats for as many as 30,000 checkout clerks at its stores in California for at least two years under a legal settlement approved by a judge in Santa Clara County."

The settlement ends a suit that goes back to 2011, filed by a Safeway checkout person who accused Safeway of "violating a wage order from the state Industrial Welfare Commission that says all employees of retail businesses 'shall be provided with suitable seats when the nature of the work reasonably permits the use of seats'."

According to the story, "The case was put on hold while the California Supreme Court considered similar disputes with other employers. In a 2016 case involving CVS Pharmacy, JP Morgan Chase Bank and Walmart, the state court said unanimously that employees were entitled to seats when they could do any substantial portion of their work sitting down, and also during any 'lulls' in standing-up tasks.

:Safeway denied violating the law, but entered into settlement negotiations after trying unsuccessfully to dismiss the suit."
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