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The Associated Press reports that Google-owned Wing, the first drone company to receive approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to make commercial deliveries via drone, starting actually providing the service late last week.

The deliveries, for Walgreen, FedEx and a local retailer called Sugar Magnolia, are being made in Christiansburg, Virginia. "The drones will start with a flying radius of about 4 miles (6.5 kilometers) from Wing’s distribution facility in Christiansburg. The drones are capable of flying a 12-mile (19-kilometer) round trip, and Wing expects to widen its radius eventually, though it did not give a timeline for expansion."

Similar tests by Wing have been conducted in Australia and Finland.

Win isn't alone. The AP reports that "UPS also got approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly delivery drones. The company has been running delivery tests with WakeMed’s hospital campus in Raleigh, North Carolina." And, of course, Amazon also has talked a lot about making drone deliveries mainstream.
KC's View:
There seems to be little question at this point that in the right markets, drone deliveries are going to be a real factor. Which probably means that some competitors are going to be investing in anti-aircraft guns.