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Supply Chain Dive has an excellent piece about how retailers are dealing with consumers' desire for more products, more products, and even more products in stores…

An excerpt:

"Shoppers are demanding retailers make more products available, more quickly, and through various points of sale. The consumer-driven supply chain is here, and as a result, retailers are in a sort of arms race, seeking out the best tools to satisfy consumer needs." But, the article argues, "If retailers want to unlock greater sales, they must first look to make their supply chains more efficient."

The problem, though, is that increased demand puts greater pressure on supply chains, and the way things are, creates more out-of-stocks because current supply chain structures simply cannot keep up. And, the story says, "low availability may translate to lost sales or even lost business for retailers."

For more about how to transform supply chains - as exemplified by Walmart's latest "on-time, in-full supplier policy" - read the entire story here.
KC's View:
Underline this not surprising - and yet under-appreciated - conclusion … that too many retailers are suffering from too many out-of-stocks that are sending consumers into the arms of competitors such as Amazon. If stores don't have the items that people want, then why should people go to stores?